14 Secrets to a Done Dissertation: A Guide to Navigating the Dissertation Process and Finishing in Record Time

Are you tired of going back and forth with your professors on dissertation drafts and you just want to be done? Are you ready to finish your dissertation so that you can reclaim your time with family and money spent on tuition? If so, this book is the key to you finishing your dissertation this year!


Have you wondered or ever asked yourself: How can I speed up the dissertation process? Why does it take so long for my chair to provide feedback? When will my family stop asking me ‘when will I be done with school?’

Writing the dissertation can be a very challenging and isolating experience for doctoral students. Additionally, the dissertation process can be costly in terms of tuition dollars and time spent away from family. For some, this can lead to doubting your abilities, and for others, this can lead to abandoning the dissertation journey altogether. 

College professor and dissertation coach, Dr. Ramon Goings, has helped over 100 clients successfully complete their dissertations through his Done Dissertation Coaching Program. In 14 Secrets to a Done Dissertation, Dr. Goings shares fourteen proven strategies that will help you navigate the dissertation process and finish in record time.


Nichelle Cook
"14 Secrets to a Done Dissertation by Dr. Ramon Goings is the perfect quick reference for individuals at all stages of the doctoral training process. Despite Dr. Goings' success as a researcher, professor and now author, his down-to-earth tone and vulnerable testimonials liken the book to a chat with an old friend who has inside scoops on literally everything! It covers family life, campus politics, emotional well-being, the day-to-day logistics of the writing process, and more. Whether as a standalone or a complement to Dr. Goings' coaching program, 14 Secrets to a Done Dissertation is truly a must-have!"

Rhonesha Blache
"Dr. Goings has provided clear, concise, and comprehensive guidance to getting your dissertation DONE! Each of the 14 secrets are practical and explained in very relatable ways. I especially appreciate the anecdotes explaining the importance of being both realistic and strategic with timing and expectations about the process from the beginning to the very end when you can officially add Dr. in front of your name. I've learned to get out of my own way and move forward with a step by step plan. Congratulations in advance!"

In this book you will discover:

  • How to manage your busy schedule and reclaim your time to finish your dissertation.

  • Strategies to overcome perfectionism and procrastination.

  • The science and art of selecting a dissertation chair and committee members.

  • How to prepare you and your family for your dissertation proposal and final defense.

Through implementing these secrets and completing the dissertation process, you will transform your professional life through being recognized as an expert in your field, commanding a higher salary at work and in your consulting, and securing career-advancing opportunities. Importantly you will accomplish your personal goal of degree completion and make your family proud.