Design Your Done Dissertation®

The 4-hour training created to help doctoral students develop a 
dissertation completion plan they can implement immediately to finish their dissertation in a year.

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Design Your Done Dissertation

The 4-hour training created to help doctoral students develop a dissertation completion plan they can implement immediately to finish their dissertation in a year.

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You didn't work so hard to get into that excellent Ph.D. program, only to get stuck when it comes to completing your dissertation.

All that time away from your friends and family...
All that money spent to be in that program…

And nothing to show for it.

The truth is, you don't have months or years to keep wasting.
So, what if you could finally have a completed dissertation to show for it?

It's time you developed a dissertation completion plan that you can implement now.

And I'm going to show you how in the Design Your Done Dissertation workshop.


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This training is for you if...

  • You don't know to handle dissertation barriers and roadblocks that unexpectedly come up during your process. 

  • You've been working on your dissertation for months (or years now), but you still have not managed to finish and you're tired of feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

  • You know you need to finish your dissertation, but you keep telling yourself, "I'll get back to writing later" keep putting it off because you've got no real plan or strategy.

  • You're struggling with imposter syndrome and perfectionism, so it's keeping you from having a real plan to finish your dissertation.

  • You spend countless hours away from friends and family due to your Ph.D. program, but there's nothing to show for it.

Trust me. I've been there too.

Maybe you thought being a solid writer was enough to make the dissertation completion process a breeze.

The truth? It's not.

You can be the best writer, but without a solid strategy and plan to complete the dissertation process, you'll just end up stuck.

But you don't have to stay there.

Are you ready to stop trying to figure out this dissertation process on your own? It's time to get some tangible guidance from an expert and complete your dissertation.

 Here's what doctoral students have to say:



And if you're ready to start seeing results like these, get access to the

Design Your Done Dissertation training.

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Here's what you can expect inside the Design Your Done Dissertation training...

  • Done Dissertation Mindset Framework: Learn the Done Dissertation mindset framework that positions doctoral students to finish their dissertation in months instead of years.

  • Devise Your Plan For Success: You'll create your completion plan (and learn where you need to make improvements) that will be your guide to finishing your dissertation over the next year. 

  • Define And Build Your Done Dissertation Team: You'll learn how to strategically structure a team designed to support you on your journey to being done. 

  • And so much more!

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Hi, I'm Dr. Ramon Goings,

An associate professor, researcher of over 60 publications, and founder of The Done Dissertation, a dissertation consulting firm.

After experiencing my own dissertation struggles while obtaining my Doctor of Education degree in urban educational leadership from Morgan State University and seeing my own students struggle, I knew there had to be a better way. Today, using The Done Dissertation, I've made it my mission to help doctoral students and doctoral programs break down the dissertation process into manageable pieces so that doctoral students can finish their dissertations in one year (or less). Additionally, I have supported doctoral programs nationwide to provide a more relevant and expedited process for their doctoral students.

I have had the opportunity to help over 100 doctoral students navigate the dissertation process and support their journeys to become college professors, K-12/higher education administrators, and consultants. 

I'm ready to help you do the same.

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The Design Your Done Dissertation training is for you if you want a solid plan and strategy to finish the dissertation process, feel confident while you do it, and go on to become a leading researcher and leader in your field.

The tenure track faculty position...
The doctorate you can finally hang in your office with pride...
The limitless consulting income potential as a result of your completed dissertation...

It can all be so much closer than you think.

My goal is to simplify the dissertation process so you can finish and leverage your doctorate for impact and income. 

Your time to complete your dissertation is now.

Are you ready?


I'm ready!